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Special Needs Adaptive Cycling: Adapted Tricycles???

Special Needs Adaptive Cycling: Adapted Tricycles???: "Hello Friends, Please visit and join the celebration! NEEDS ..."

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Adapted Tricycles???

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1.  An apparatus adapted for use as a therapeutic tricycle; said apparatus including in part, a specialized lever system permitting optimal rider center of mass positioning; an optional steering lock out(dampening) system; an embodiment prescribing optimized apparatus dimensions based upon rider weight to enhance apparatus stability; an improved wheelie bar system;

2.  A shock absorbing system; the combination permitting enhanced apparatus stability and abilities to perform a varied array of maneuvers providing exercise, therapeutic, and recreational advantages which particularly benefit disabled children. A method of exercising tendons and/or heel cords using a specialized adaptive tricycle.
The present invention relates to human powered vehicles generally and therapeutic multi-wheeled vehicles more specifically.
Multi-wheel vehicles, including tricycles, are well known in the prior art. Tricycles are known to have a specific application and use for disabled individuals. For many, a properly functioning therapeutic tricycle serves as a primary means of locomotion and makes possible goals and objectives otherwise beyond reach.
3. Prior art tricycles, when utilized in a therapeutic capacity, are well known to have deficiencies. The most concerning deficiency is the tendency for the apparatus to tip when the rider turns. (Tip over’s) Falls from such a tricycle are always problematic, however, they are particularly devastating when sustained by individuals with specific preexisting motor impairments that may limit or prevent self protective actions during a fall resulting in serious (TBI Traumatic Brain)/ Injuries and or even death.
The present invention relates to a multi-wheel human powered tricycle which has superior, stimulus, therapeutic, conditioning, and health and safety benefits when compared to (FDA “regulatory exempt”, “non measuring”) prior art devices. In specific, one aspect of the invention is to provide a multi-wheel tricycle vehicle with a wheelie bar, preferably suspension mounted, capable of keeping tricycle pitch within a defined limit.
4. Another aspect of the invention provides a frontal steering lock-out. Furthermore, a dampening system which (limiter) generally maintains the pivot able rotation of the front steering wheel within certain predefined ranges. The present invention further provides a dynamic stabilization system comprised, in part, of a dual wishbone lever system, coupled to a tricycle frame, which provides enhanced stability and, more particularly, dynamic stability during turns. Another important aspect of the present invention is the optimization of the rider's position relative to the center of mass of the rider and rider/apparatus combination or ballast/apparatus combination. Another important aspect of the present invention is a shock-absorbing (rebound) scheme that prevents falls and permits a more refined apparatus use. Further aspects of the present invention are optimized positioning of the wheelbases, a wheelie bar, and seating surfaces; for any particular range of rider weights. 

5. Another advantage of the present invention will be to provide a user physical stimulus (“fall risk”) Rehabilitation and exercise generally, and more specifically promote exercise of the lower extremities and stretching of heel cords.
It is believed that use of this apparatus can deliver many health benefits, including (Omni Stimuli) stimulation of a patient's heel cords, which may avert contractures associated with conditions such as (spastic) cerebral palsy, and the like, and omit the need for an unpleasant and possibly harmful heel cord tendon release procedure. The combination of the structural features permits the user to perform multiple maneuvers with the apparatus including but not limited to:

6. Rapid cornering and turning, enhanced apparatus speeds, evasive maneuvering, responsive front end pitching, forward and backward wheelies, rotational wheelies through a 360 range, multiple revolution wheelies including 540, 720 degree spins, and or higher velocity wheelie (by adjusting downward the optional skid pad) spins.

Resulting in enhanced motivation, self-satisfaction, and quality of life imparted to a disabled user able to perform impressive physical maneuvers.

It is intended that any other advantages and objects of the present invention that become apparent or obvious from the detailed description or illustrations contained herein are within the scope of the present invention.

o  Hospital setting/Physical Medicine Rehabilitation

o  Therapeutic Recreational

o  Disabled Veterans



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